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A Huge Gap to be Filled – AZ-Loc Positioning

Sophie Ao, Author

22 July 2016

Main challenge:

  • Translation companies can provide high-quality translation, but they do not have a rigid workflow or comprehensive toolset to ensure a smooth localization process.
  • Localization companies do have rigid workflow and right tool set, but they usually compromise the quality to make the management a lot easier and in return you don’t get a high-quality translation as a result.

At AZ-Loc, we believe a project can only be called successful when both process and result are fully met. To achieve this, we provide smoothly managed Chinese localization service with unparalleled high-quality Chinese translation for website localization, software localization, game localization and e-learning localization into Chinese.

Process or result? That’s the big question!

Professional Localization Companies Worldwide AZ-Loc Most Translation Agencies
in China
  1. Translation is only a small part of the localization big picture.
  2. We manage multilingual localization for several dozens of languages at the same time.
  3. The process is more important than the actual outcome. So long as we are on time, within budget and with acceptable quality range, we have achieved the goals. After all, we are talking about translating dozens of languages at the same time.
  1. Translation is part of localization. However, it is the critical part of the whole process.
  2. We manage Chinese localization only. This is our mother tongue and THE only language that we are full confidence.
  3. The process is equally important as the outcome. Every localization project must be of high quality in the result and smooth in the process – meeting all the constraints requirement on scope, schedule, budget and quality.
Translation IS localization.
Localization IS translation.
It’s all about translating.
Role Partner
do as told
Skillsets Project management + multilingual + tech-savvy

  1. Understand project management
  2. Understand programming
  3. Know how and when to use a wide range of translation and localization tools
Project management +
bilingual + tech-savvy

  • Understand project management
  • Understand programming
  • Know how and when to use a wide range of translation and localization tools
Much to be desired, with limited knowledge on

  1. Project management
  2. Programming, or
  3. Tools
Workflow Full
Engineering, translation, editing, proofreading and QA checks
Engineering, translation, editing, proofreading and QA checks
only translation and proofreading
Contact Dedicated project managers,
at least speak 2 languages fluently.
Dedicated project managers,
at least speak 2 languages fluently.
 Ordinary project manager,
with limited language proficiency both in written and spoken form
Resources Early bird” method
With the launch of localization project, massive email inquiry goes to freelance translators in a different locale. Given the short time frame, PM has to choose the one who answers early and within the time frame. Quality? Doesn’t matter that much, because we can compensate the risk by hiring proofreader and editors in the workflow.
Handpicked” method
We hand pick most suitable translators that match every description of your requirement. We only work with best translators in China. Translators will make it right in the first place. With proper proofreading in place, we can ensure the best quality at the most competitive price at no risk. You will enjoy a higher ROI with the money we saved for you.
Cheapest bid” + “Early bird
Whoever bids cheap is likely to get the job from these local translation agencies. Amongst the cheap offers, who answered it quickly, gets the job.
Pricing Expensive
ranging from $0.25 to $0.40 per source word
reasonable pricing with high return on investment (ROI)
with poor quality and low ROI

Contact us now for a reasonable proposal that covers all your translation requirements.

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