4 Benefits of Hiring Chinese Copywriters to Work on Your Projects


Thinking on how you can be effective when it comes to ads? Maybe hiring Chinese copywriters to work on your project can help and you enjoy these benefits.

4 Benefits of Hiring Chinese Copywriters to Work on Your Projects
Maria Krisette Capati, Author

23 November 2018

Translation is anchored with language solutions.

Copywriting, on the other hand, requires translation, localization, understanding of the market, and creativity. It’s writing for the marketplace, a skill that needs a lot of practice and experience.

Translators have their own styles and tones when writing, so to be effective communicators of your brand for the Chinese customers, hiring a copywriter fluent in English and Chinese is a great asset to all your projects.

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There are three things that global companies should always remember.

  • Write to share
  • Write to be heard
  • Write to build your brand

Hiring an excellent Chinese copywriter will help you in different texts and ad-hoc projects such as:

  • Website content (taglines, advertisements, and headlines)
  • Slogans, email marketing templates, product listings, newsletters
  • Ads, brochures, pamphlets, landing pages, and among others

Why Should You Hire a Chinese Copywriter?

1. Experience the pleasure of working with a professional who knows the market better than you do

Global brands thrive in the Mainland because they take advantage of the local talent who understand the marketplace.

Hiring a Chinese copywriter is not just hiring someone who knows how to translate, but he or she understands the heart and mind of the customers—what makes the customers buy the product, the word choices, and the combination of characters and design to use in an advertisement, whether it’s online or printed materials.

Did you know: Mintel’s report Haitao Retailing reveals that almost three in five (58%) consumers bought foreign products online from domestic shopping website in a six month period ending November 2015, with quality of products (63%) and pricing (38%) as the prime concerns when shopping for imported products online.

2. Play around on the writing style, tones, and word choices

Writing styles and word choices matter in Chinese copywriting. Translating from English to Chinese a tagline usually requires localization, too, where trans-creation (or original translation) takes place. It means adapting the original texts for a specific audience.

A luxury brand targeting millennials would have to instruct and trust the copywriter that the work is not just translating the text but also transforming that message without compromising the thought.

The primary objective is to stir those customers to buy the product, the prompt to take action should always be present.

Did you know: GroupM China publishes its Spring 2018 edition of This Year, Next Year: China Media Industry Forecast report. It forecasts that total ad spending in the Chinese market will reach 585.8 billion yuan in 2018, with growth rate rebounding to 5.2%. 2018 is a big year for sports marketing, drawing significant amounts of attention to TV screens and actively guiding a flow back towards traditional live broadcasting.”

3. Target a set of audience, Simplified Chinese vs. Traditional Chinese

There are two types of written Chinese, the Simplified and Traditional Chinese, which should be taken into consideration by global companies. The customers don’t use only one version, and where Simplified is used in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan use Traditional Characters and uses the same grammatical structures as Mandarin the spoken language.

The differences of linguistics and written variation play an essential role in ads, especially if they are posted on Baidu (Mainland) and Google (Hong Kong and Taiwan) as well.

Hiring a Chinese copywriter should also be of that he is either fluent in both variations or one of the other.

Did you know: The Advertising Law in China doesn’t allow the use of the word “highest” or any superlative form when describing the products or services in copywriting. The advertising laws should also be considered by global companies and that copywriters should also comply to avoid the fines.

4. Save time and money and focus on your business

Instead of trying to figure out the right words and phrases via machine translators like Google Translate, work with a skilled Chinese copywriter who will save your time and money.

You save time because they already know what words to use and knowledgeable about your audience.

You save money because instead of violating the advertising laws that could get you fined, they will comply and consider what to use in all your marketing materials and collaterals.

Instead of you exploring, you outsource these projects, so you get to focus on what matters on your business.

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