5 Ways on How You Can Take Advantage of Chinese Copywriting Services


Speak and write the Chinese way.

You’ll never regret it when you take Chinese copywriting services seriously. If you want to engage with your customers online, there are plenty of ways to communicate with them.

Different channels and social networks, different demographics, and approaches you can explore and start experimenting.

If you want to take digital marketing to the next level, you need copywriting services in Chinese.

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China internet is the best place to begin. Here are the latest data about the users.

China internet data for 2019

copywriting services in chinese

1 Social Media Marketing

WeChat and Weibo are the two popular social media channels that global brands often use. However, depending on your niche, industry, or demographics you’re targeting, there are a variety of social media channels that the younger generation use.

Douban, for example, is a popular social networking platform where users discuss lifestyle, (think Reddit)—from books to entertainment to events, and music. It’s a place where people express themselves. Zhihu, on the other hand, works like Quora, a different set of demographics hang out in this space, too. Most of them are researching financial and investment topics, including higher educational issues.

Dianping, the go-to platform of consumers, is China’s Yelp. All about food reviews, restaurants, and other promotional offers. For global companies, it’s a matter of researching and exploring how you can engage with your customers based on digital habits.

Copywriting services to include: the profile, updates, short articles, short answers and updates, comments, and other info about the brand.

2 WeChat Marketing

WeChat has more than 1 billion monthly active users as of this writing. It’s one of the most widely used apps for netizens. Users spend an average of 1 hour and 10 minutes a day on this app. With a variety of features for personal and commercial purposes, in terms of copywriting, you may want to embrace a more personalized approach in style and voice.

For public accounts, companies have to heavily invest in content for the blogs and a combination of images, GIFs or animations, and videos about the brand—product or service. Updates on moments are important as well. They reflect your brand’s voice and overall image. Short, catchy captions can be written in advance, and you can plan how frequent you’ll publish your updates.

Copywriting services to include: company profile for Official Account, captions for Moments, pre-defined or templates for comments and FAQs, articles and blogs.

3 Weibo Marketing

Diversify your marketing channels and see how you can use Weibo on your advantage. While WeChat remains the champion in terms of active users and usage, microblogging still exists. People use Sina Weibo to express ideas, share reviews, and just opinions about a brand, product, or service.

Considered as Facebook and Twitter in China, brands also use Weibo as a marketing tool. Images, GIFs, videos and posts are often being “tweeted” or uploaded and shared. Keep in mind that netizens go to Weibo to gather information and express opinions. As a source of information, content is crucial for brands to trend or go viral. Usually, KOL or key opinionated leaders use Weibo, too, to leverage on the number of fans and followers.

Copywriting services to include: short info about the company, templates for posts, use of hashtags, regular updates where the content matches the published image or video.

4 Baidu Tieba

660 million active users. What can you do on Baidu? There’s the Baidu Tieba, one of the largest online communities in China. This keyword-based discussion forum is where users go to find information or topic of any kind, think of it like Reddit.

It’s an open online platform where users share ideas, find other topics to read or engage with. Businesses can use it on their advantage by posting different topics related to the company or industry. It’s also a great way to build an audience and credibility. When you know what you’re talking about, and you provide insights that users find helpful, and if you do it right, you can gain exposure organically.

Copywriting services to include: heavily on content with a variety of topics, articles, answers to questions, topics that are short and punchy, product or service descriptions, and among others.

5 Product Listings for E-commerce

E-commerce is a lifestyle among Chinese users. Take advantage of the e-commerce platforms where you want to list your products. You need copywriting of the product listings, features, and other captions to get the attention of the shoppers.

If you have your own e-commerce website, you also need to plan on the structure of the content and pages before diving into copywriting of the product listings, especially if you have a variety of product categories and descriptions. Brands that host their online stores in Taobao or T-Mall should heavily consider the quality of the copywriting plus SEO rules to match the search engine algorithms.

Copywriting services to include: company profile, short descriptions of products, FAQs, features of items, advertisements on banners.

Why Copywriting Services Should be in Your Budget
If you’re going to do this for long-term, it’s better to work with a team of local Chinese writers or copywriters to help you plan on your editorial calendar and the types of content and platforms you want to focus.

Copywriting is a skill that requires the writer or the copywriter to understand the style, audience, culture, and nuisances when translating your brand’s content from English to Chinese. Sometimes, it may require transcreation of the sentences to make it relevant or to evoke emotions to the target market.

The technique is different from writing a long, thought-leadership type of content. Copywriting, to make it more relatable with the Chinese audience, must be culturally-relevant. It has the element of emotions, urgency, clarity, and transparency.

Trends come and go, and to be able to catch up with what’s happening in the China internet, you need to work with a copywriter who’s also specializing your niche.

The more focus he or she is in your industry, the more he or she can deliver and translate those words into compelling content, which is engaging and remarkable.

The secret is: localize the web copies to adapt to the market.

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