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Key Features of WeChat to Elevate Chinese Digital Marketing (Part 2)

Maria Krisette Capati, Author

12 June 2019

Editor’s note: This is the second and last installment of a two-part blog series about WeChat features. Here are the first five key features worthy of checking and exploring.

As you know, WeChat is one of the most powerful and useful tools for Chinese digital marketing.

Exploring how it works also offers opportunities to understand how consumers interact with the app. They’re using the app every day. So, why not make the most of the features and think of ways for your company to stay relevant.

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The next round of features are the following:

#6 Wow button can push an article to “Wow” feed

This little button works like magic for content that is interesting, provocative, and worth reading. Think of it as Facebook’s like. But of course, with Facebook, it doesn’t show on public or to the user’s friends what content or post they liked.

In WeChat, when a user marked it with a “Wow,” which is located at the bottom of the blog, other friends will be able to see that content when they view their own Wow feed. What’s in it for global companies and businesses? Of course, the more content being shared, the more chances of getting exposure.

But the caveat is, the competition is also cut-throat as there are thousands and millions of pages that a billion users are consuming within this app.

#7 WeChatPay seamless money transfer and payment method

Another key feature that WeChat boasts and uniquely developed is the WeChatPay. A user can send money to his friend or colleague within the app. What’s more, paying merchants is as simple as 1,2,3 within a scan of a QR code.

The ecosystem of WeChat itself makes WeChatPay a seamless method to make transactions online. For e-commerce, it’s the best way to close the deal. Chinese users are comfortable using this payment method, including AliPay.

Global companies need to think of ways on how they can localize the payment methods to make it easier to receive payments from their audience.

#8 In-app purchases and bookings and other online transactions

The WeChat ecosystem works well with other online purchases where users don’t have to go out of the app. For those non-WeChat users, imagine you want to book a ticket or hotel, you download a Skyscanner app. Then if you want to book a taxi, you need a Grab or Uber app. For mobile banking, you need to download your bank’s mobile app. That’s quite of a hassle to begin with.

In WeChat, you can enjoy mobile top-up, booking flights, train tickets, bills payments, food delivery, online shopping, and other purchases. This is one of the key features of the app, and no one has ever made or develop something that’s closest to this to make the users’ digital lives more manageable.

For global companies, they really need to do their homework on how they can integrate these features for their long-term goals.

#9 Set-up automated voice chats or messages and personalized menu tabs

If you follow an Official Account of a brand, the brand sends either an automated chat or voice message to help you with your concern. It’s pretty helpful and works well when you want to interact with the brand and have concerns or issues. It’s elevating the customer service experience, providing a more personalized approach. In Chinese digital marketing, this is a non-negotiable strategy.

Another key feature for brands that have official accounts is the menu tab that allows them to show the services or products, promotions, events, trending topics, or updates about the company. The menu tabs are often seen on top of a website. But here in WeChat, you can view the tab within the app and are seen at the bottom beside the chat box.

#10 Time Capsule for users to share videos visible for 24 hours

WeChat rolled out the Time Capsule feature, which is akin to Facebook’s Daily Stories. Users get to share videos and photos that are visible for 24 hours. Influencers in WeChat can make the most of this feature, especially if they’re in the FMCG sector. Beauty tips, latest fashion, fitness vlogs, and snippets of products or services are promoted.

Users tend to share what’s new and what they’re doing about their lives. And so as what the products and services they consume. It’s a great tool to leverage users’ fondness of sharing, especially when they love to share the experience with friends and family.

What do you think of these features? Which among them are useful for you in the future?

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