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How We Finished a Mobile Game Translation in Chinese in 10 Working Days

Sophie Ao, Author

16 April 2019

Mobile games.

These are one of the hottest trends in the China market as of this writing. It’s a growing industry that shapes the digital habits of Chinese netizens, especially the younger generation.

We’re always ready to accommodate overseas clients who need translation and localization services in this industry.

One of our mobile games project was to work on the English to Chinese translation of texts of a game called Chef Wars Journeys.

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A translation agency client in the Philippines approached us with an English to Chinese translation project for a mobile game, which required extensive experience in food and cuisine field. The mobile game is full of quizzes and recipes.

mobile game translation in chines services

Choosing food and lifestyle Chinese translators

The client sent over an Excel sheet containing translatable strings that have been extracted from the game.

To our first impression, only chefs and food lovers can translate it well. The recipes are covering a wide selection of world cuisine.

We handpicked 3 translators who we know are food lovers for test translation for the client. The three of them passed their test evaluation.

In total, there are 43,290 words according to our analysis. The client wished to get it back within 20 days, for their customer is not in a great rush with a deadline.

So, we split the work among the three translators who passed the test translation based on their area of interest. We tangibly noted down their workloads.

The workflow of our mobile game translation

During translation, they encountered typos and other confusing places, which the client has kindly helped us by asking their customer and getting replies back. It has been beneficial in producing highly accurate translations.

The quizzes are a bit mind-boggling. They are presented playfully. So, we need to keep the same tone in Chinese to reflect the playful, witty style of writing. The three translators have their own forms of writing. So, we created a group chat with them and editor as well as the project manager, so that all can do their best to keep the same tone and style.

In just 10 working days, we finished all translation and proofreading, along with QA check for consistency among the 3 translators.

Our client gave us positive feedback from their customer that their Chinese liaison is happy with our translation.

Though we haven’t been asked to perform a translation review on the app yet, we support that service as well. In a bug tracking way, we can help the client catch and fix all incorrect translations on display in a concise manner.

Do you have mobile games that need more exposure? Thinking of introducing it in the China market?

Do consider the Chinese language for it has a huge user base and China players are spending a lot of time playing games. Let us help you translate your mobile games into Chinese to reach the Chinese players.

Do you have similar projects? Let us know. We can help you with translation and localization projects.

We have seen good clients and bad ones as well. As we are constrained by resources, we will only serve those deserve our attention and time. We will only focus on clients who are already decided which projects to prioritize and understand the importance of translation and localization efforts.

Sophie Ao

Sophie is the founder and CEO of AZ-Loc Language Service Inc., a Wuhan-based translation agency that provides professional Chinese translation, localization, design, and multimedia production (video translation, subtitling, voice-overs and dubbing services). She has been in the language industry for more than 16 years and knows her stuff pretty well. She excels at taking the initiative to get things done without compromising customers’ requirements. Sophie loves to collaborate with like-minded people who share the same passion and commitment at work. Well versed with overseas and Chinese markets and a self-confessed polyglot who speaks Mandarin, English, Japanese, Hungarian, and French, she founded AZ-Loc in 2011 to make a big difference in greater China where you rarely find professional language services.

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