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How to Save Chinese Translation Cost if You’re in the Hotel and Property Management Sector

Sophie Ao, Author

24 March 2019

I want to share another previous project we worked on in the hotel and property management sectors.

It’s a hotel property improvement Plan (PIP) for a designated Hilton Hotel in Shanghai.

We were invited to bid on the Chinese translation project.

The client was a management company for Hilton Hotel who needed to implement a product improvement plan (PIP), which described the items to be improved according to the Hilton brand standards.

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However, the improvement plan was all in English, which made it impossible to send directly to contractors. Because the language proficiency of local contractors would trigger misunderstanding and possible loss to some extent.

The plan needs to be translated into Chinese to avoid any misunderstanding.

Search for Chinese professional translators with specific expertise

After reviewing the content, we found out that it covered several topics, including mechanical, electrical and plumbing, as well as extensive knowledge in hotel management.

What this meant for us as we needed someone with proper experience in hotel management, mechanical, and construction related experience.

It was an urgent task as well because the client was also expected to send out the plan in Simplified Chinese to all contractors in 7 days.

Reasonable pricing for an urgent Chinese translation project

After careful review and analysis, we made an offer that the client found the “most reasonable in pricing” and guaranteed that our team will:

  • NOT charge any rush fee
  • Deliver on time
  • Apply 10% late penalty for any day of delay on our side

Right after the quotation, we sent a free test translation within 300 words for the client to assess our quality.

At the end of that working day, client officially awarded the translation job to us.

It’s a PDF document of 29 pages with about 20,000 source words. However, according to our analysis from our helpful CAT tool, it’s only 17703.6 source words. — A saving of 12% on work scope.

With new client promotion, the client saw a further 20% discount on costs.

In 7 days, we successfully completed the work without any delay.

We applied 2 translators in both mechanical and electrical fields with proper hotel management experience, and 1 proofreader and 1 dedicated project manager for QA procedures to ensure the highest quality standards.

In the end, the client was thrilled to receive a good translation back on time with substantial savings on the budget.

What’s in it for the hotel and property management sectors?

One of the booming sectors these days in China is tourism. It has become a catalyst of growth to the domestic economy where the affluent middle class and the lenient policies related to travel both for locals and foreign visitors provide opportunities for global hotel brands to see how they can take advantage of the possibilities.

The number of domestic trips in China is expected to increase about 2.38 billion trips by the next year 2020 according to a report. And it’s no wonder that including translation and localization strategies for business development is a must.

So, if you need help in your marketing and business development collaterals, whether to train local employees in China or build awareness of your brand, we can assist you. Let us know, and we’ll give you a quote in 24 hours on a working day or in 48 hours on weekends.

We have seen good clients and bad ones as well. As we are constrained by resources, we will only serve those deserve our attention and time. We will only focus on clients who are already decided which projects to prioritize and understand the importance of translation and localization efforts.

Sophie Ao

Sophie is the founder and CEO of AZ-Loc Language Service Inc., a Wuhan-based translation agency that provides professional Chinese translation, localization, design, and multimedia production (video translation, subtitling, voice-overs and dubbing services). She has been in the language industry for more than 16 years and knows her stuff pretty well. She excels at taking the initiative to get things done without compromising customers’ requirements. Sophie loves to collaborate with like-minded people who share the same passion and commitment at work. Well versed with overseas and Chinese markets and a self-confessed polyglot who speaks Mandarin, English, Japanese, Hungarian, and French, she founded AZ-Loc in 2011 to make a big difference in greater China where you rarely find professional language services.

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