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How This Medical Paper Translation from Chinese to English Opened More Projects for Us

Sophie Ao, Author

24 April 2019

Medical translation in Chinese requires a higher level of skillsets from professional translators.

In this post, you’ll learn how we managed a medical translation project that led us to more projects in the long-run.

It’s a post-market clinical follow-up Plan and PMCF questionnaire. It began when a medical
device company approached us. They need Chinese to English translation services on a PMCF (Post-Market Clinical Follow-up) Plan and questionnaire for their new product.

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We are aware that the European Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 (MDR) will be effective starting on May 26, 2020.

According to First Clinical Journal, the regulation will have a significant economic impact on manufacturers, due to the cost of implementation of new regulations for new devices and ensuring that legacy products meet the new requirements.

from Chinese to English

There will be no grandfathering of existing products from the current EU Medical Devices Directive (MDD). The MDR also strongly affects distributors and importers.

In short, MDR is a lot stricter than current MDD.

But there is a transitional time of 3 years ending May 26, 2020, which is the MDR date of application. This means medical device companies can submit their new products under MDD now to dodge the mandatory MDR for about 4 years.

So, the client wishes to submit their new product under MDD well before the deadline of May 2020.

The workflow on Chinese medical translation

They sent us a 6,000 words PMCF plan, which has been translated partially by their staff as our reference. The terms are quite helpful, however many of the expressions are pretty awkward.

We analyzed the workload and found there are about 5,200 Chinese characters for translation and 800 English words for proofreading and rewriting.

We did a free test translation and free proofreading for the client so that they can assess our quality before moving forward to full-length translation.

They are very satisfied with our samples. Our medical doctor in Shanghai who has been studied at Newcastle University for 3 years and worked as a Chinese-English translator and interpreter for medical fields completed them.

She also pointed out some of the client’s terminology usage were not accurate and provided her suggestions. This was an advantage for the client. With such a degree and expertise, they know the medical doctor is someone they can rely on.

She went forward with full-length translation and returned the translation in only 2 days during the weekends.

After the translation, the translator was booked for more translation work that is coming up in the future.

Do you have medical devices that need to be submitted to MDD now? Let us know, we will do our best to help you!

We have seen good clients and bad ones as well. As we are constrained by resources, we will only serve those deserve our attention and time. We will only focus on clients who are already decided which projects to prioritize and understand the importance of translation and localization efforts.

Sophie Ao

Sophie is the founder and CEO of AZ-Loc Language Service Inc., a Wuhan-based translation agency that provides professional Chinese translation, localization, design, and multimedia production (video translation, subtitling, voice-overs and dubbing services). She has been in the language industry for more than 16 years and knows her stuff pretty well. She excels at taking the initiative to get things done without compromising customers’ requirements. Sophie loves to collaborate with like-minded people who share the same passion and commitment at work. Well versed with overseas and Chinese markets and a self-confessed polyglot who speaks Mandarin, English, Japanese, Hungarian, and French, she founded AZ-Loc in 2011 to make a big difference in greater China where you rarely find professional language services.

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