How Did Our Chinese Mobile App Testing Project Became Fun and Smooth?


One of the things we’re grateful for is that we work with long-term clients who have trusted us for so many years in different types of projects.

Repeat orders mean they trust us.

We’d like to share with you our team’s experience while working on a Chinese mobile app testing project.

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When a good reputation pays-off

A localization company in India contacted us for mobile testing in China. They have just won an enormous testing project from TED Talk to test out if their mobile application works well in every language, including Chinese. However, the client does not have tester resources in China for the Chinese language.

We have been helping the client with Chinese translation and proofreading projects, which has left them good impressions. We became their first go-to option when the project is still under negotiation.

Connecting the dots from my Chinese networks

It’s a good thing that I have extensive connections to Chinese testers during my 5-year stint in IT/Telecom related companies in Shanghai.

Many of the Chinese testers specialize in testing mobile applications for over 10 years.

Trimming down the work scope

The client requested to run the full test under both virtual and actual environment, with Wi-Fi and cellular data connection methods. Also, they asked for 5 mobile devices for both Android and iOS systems: Huawei Honor 8, Vivo X9, Oppo R9sk, Xiaomi Mi 6, and iPhone (iOS 9 and above)).

There are 25 test cases on 40 video clips. We were required to record test results for all test cases in Excel sheet. That’d be 20,000 test cases for Chinese language in total: 25 x 5 (devices) x 2 (virtual and actual environments) x 2 (Wi-Fi and cellular connections).

What’s more, we were requested to record the problematic cases with screen recording.

How much does mobile app testing in china cost?

We estimated about 10 to 12 working days for the workload. However, the client did not have the time or budget for that. They went back to their client and negotiated down the work scope from full testing into partial testing on only 3 mobile devices.

In the end, with smaller work scope, we were able to complete the mobile app testing for the Chinese language in just 20 hours at the cost of $550 in total.

Efficient communication at its best

The client has set up a group chat on WhatsApp with us so that communication channels will be smooth and transparent.

We can share testing screenshots and screen recording in real time with the client. And we got all the question answered almost instantly. Sometimes the client brought new information from their client for us to implement.

It was very smooth, and we experience efficient communication.

Our takeaway from this project and current stage

The client has been delighted with our work. We work with them in a fast-paced remote environment, with a very positive working attitude. When it’s an urgent task for the client, we will do everything we can to support them. Whenever they have feedback for us, we responded fast and made adjustments accordingly.

Now it has become a weekly job for us to perform mobile app testing for them. Sometimes, it’s only some quick testing and smoke testing, which we offered for free.

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