Important Factors to Consider for a Successful Localization


Several factors shouldn’t be overlooked to achieve a successful localization. Take note and pay extra attention to the following tips and questions for a smooth workflow, producing high-quality deliverables to help you succeed in China.

Top 3 questions to consider:

  1. Does your language partner adopt CAT tool?
  2. What measures do they take to provide high-quality work?
  3. Is your source text fully globalized yet?

What does “globalized source text” mean?

This means the source language is easy to understand and culturally neutral. Otherwise, it will be harder to translate them; the deliverables are likely less accurate and timeframe of the process will be slow. The translators, on their side, will need to pause, search for reference and clarify certain words to the author.

What’s authoring with translation in mind?

When clients submit standardize language (e.g. English), authoring andtranslation will be faster and easier. The similar description should better be in the same sequence with lesser revision on a couple of words. Once this is achieved, you will save a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort throughout the process (see examples below).

Pay special attention to the following:

  • Match rate
  • Measuring units (metric or imperial)
  • Unicode compliance
  • Text length limit

The GUI (graphical user interface) to be translated or localized (as an insider would call it) into different language locales for users in different countries and regions.

When it comes to game translation and localization, we make it interesting and relevant to the players while maintaining the context and texts. What’s the point of gaming apps and platforms if they’re not entertaining, right?

Our clients are 100% satisfied with our deliverables because our team knows how to translate and localize the games that Chinese players would like to play. The market is huge and the potential in the Mainland is an opportunity for you to explore.

The APAC region accounts 47% of the global market and China’s revenue isworth $24.4 billion in 2016, cementing its position as the world’s largest gaming market according to Newzoo. If you’re considering a multilingual support for your software or games, don’t forget to create a Chinese version.

Work with AZ-Loc for a successful localization

We work closedly with the clients to achieve the goals by taking good care of all their needs. And we give consultation and guide them through the process while bypassing the common pitfalls that many localization projects failed to.

Our takeaway for a successful localization

Last but not least, translation is a small but very important process in the whole picture of localization. Localization cannot be called successful with smooth management process, yet it has bad or inappropriate translations. You can’t expect your customers to pay you in exchange for a badly translated software or game app.

No matter how appealing your software or game originally is, when the clients see poor translation quality (typos, bad translations, and wrong fonts), they will immediately have a negative impression of your precious work and brand.

We are experts in software and game translations English into Chinese ONLY. We do not manage multilingual projects that target language other than our native tongue. So, if you plan to localize your software or game products into Chinese, feel free to request a free quote on cost and lead time. We will get back to you very soon.

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