Chinese Localization Service for eLearning

AZ-Loc offers Chinese e-Learning translation and localization of courses or modules used in corporate training and higher education. Our Chinese professional translators, Mandarin speakers, teachers, and graphic designers work meticulously on course graphics, voice-overs, subtitling, translation and online course localization in Chinese.

The team guarantees that all texts in the documents and presentations – training booklets, user manuals, product catalogs, service directory, brochures and files in DOC, PPT, HTML, and PDF formats – are duly translated, localized and proofread with 99% accuracy.

Our translators process your interactive courseware created on Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and other professional authoring tools. All texts are exported and extracted in usable file formats for courseware Chinese translation. Start investing in corporate training translation to increase your staff’s productivity.

Chinese professional translators who are also professors, lecturers, and teachers of various subjects across China’s major universities are in the AZ-Loc e-learning translation (and localization) team.

Our advantage

Chinese users are the biggest spenders and consumers online and e-learning courses are not an exemption. Whether you need Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese translation on course modules, look for an e-learning translation partner who delivers:

  • High-quality translation
    The professional translators have specialization and solid knowledge about your business, niche, and industry.
  • Quick turnaround and responsive
    They deliver what was promised, work according to the time-frame and responsive throughout the entire project cycle.
  • Low costs
    They have the right tools like CAT tool to manage the project and offer unbeatable prices.

About E-Learning

E-learning or online education is a billion-dollar industry that is shaping the way companies and schools train, teach and inform people. The popularity of e-learning comes with these perks.

  • Learn anywhere
    There is no need to gather all parties in one place to receive training — it can take place anywhere.
  • Take your time
    There is no need to schedule a specific time for training — it can take place at any time.
  • Self-paced
    There is no need for synchronized learning progress for all participants — they can proceed at their own pace.
  • Low cost
    No need to travel — this can save up to 40% of training costs.
  • Quick creation, delivery and updates
    Trends come and go, to keep up with the latest topics and innovative practices, e-learning is the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way.

How does it work?


Ask For a Quote

You may send us all the documents and video contents for a detailed quotation. We will offer you a solution that comes with fast delivery and low prices.


Approve by Paying

If you are satisfied with the solution and quotation, you may order it by paying. Once it's received, our project managers and language experts will take it from there.


Waiting For Updates

All you need to do is wait for it. For small projects, you may wait for 24 hours or less; for bigger projects, we will keep you posted on the progress.


Receive Translation

When the translation has been done and thoroughly checked for best visual effects, we will send you the translation. We will adjust it to your satisfaction.

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