Chinese audiovisual transcription service

Sit back, relax and let our Chinese transcribers and talented multilingual typists work on your audio and video texts. AZ-Loc provides extremely fast and 100% accurate transcription service for all languages including the Chinese language.

Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Chinese are AZ-Loc’s expertise, delivering you an unmatched quality of texts via affordable Chinese transcription service. With more than a decade in this industry, our native speaking transcribers, and Chinese typists ensure 100% accuracy. Fast, accurate and responsive – like ninjas. We deliver what clients demand on time.

We insist on separating Chinese transcription and translation, guaranteeing the highest level of integrity, without compromising the core message from the transcription up to the translation. Our fast transcription Chinese service has received recommendations from hundreds of global clients.

We have our professional studio manager, transcribers, translators, subtitle artists, captionist, voice talents and dedicated project managers. We bring you the highest level of quality and excellent deliverables of video/audio translation, transcription, captioning/subtitling, Chinese dubbing and Chinese voice-overs.

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Talk shows, or
  • Any other recording

You may choose transcription service for:

  • All content
    Also known as verbatim transcription or true verbatim. It means everything, including fillers, ambient sounds, and non-verbal communications must be typed out as is on the recording. And no editing is allowed.
  • Edited content
    Also known as smart transcription, intelligent verbatim or clean verbatim transcription. It is an edited transcription based on all content. With our editing, the texts will be more fluent and easier to understand. Because we keep important information while leaving out fillers, ambient sounds and non-verbal factors that convey no meaning.

Our transcriptionists will add a start time and end time for each block of speech, for your easier tracking. The timelines will be accurate down to seconds (hh:mm:ss); for example, “00:12:23 – 00:16:17”.

However, if you are seeking highly accurate time codes down to milliseconds for further use, such as subtitling or voice dubbing with lip sync requirement, please visit our video captioning/subtitling service.

How does it work?


Ask For a Quote

You may send us all the documents and video contents for a detailed quotation. We will offer you a solution that comes with fast delivery and low prices.


Approve by Paying

If you are satisfied with the solution and quotation, you may order it by paying. Once it's received, our project managers and language experts will take it from there.


Waiting For Updates

All you need to do is wait for it. For small projects, you may wait for 24 hours or less; for bigger projects, we will keep you posted on the progress.


Receive Translation

When the translation has been done and thoroughly checked for best visual effects, we will send you the translation. We will adjust it to your satisfaction.

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