English into Chinese Legal Contract Translation Service for Prestigious Law Firm



A prestigious international law firm in UK


Client is a full service international law firm with offices across the UK, Europe, The Middle East and Asia. We work closed with Shanghai office for legal translation services. Client has in-house translation team, however when they need something urgent, such as overnight delivery, they will outsource the work to us.


The client urgently needed someone to translate a 12-page legal contract from English into Chinese within 1 day. And they need high-quality translation and proofreading service while maintaining the consistency thoroughly and details must be taken care of, because they don’t have enough time for any back and forth.


  1. Prepare for translation and build glossary
    1. We imported the contract into CAT tool for analysis and pre-processing.
    2. We divide the work by half. Then export and send the workable XLIFF files to 2 of our best legal translators who are available to work at the same time.
    3. During the process, our project manager extracted a glossary for the property nouns and have in-house translator to perform a thorough research for an accurate translation in Chinese.
    1. Our proofreader is highly proficient in English and good at writing in English accurately and fluently, and they took the credit of leveling up the readability and customer experience.
    2. After proofreading, our dedicated project manager imported translation back to CAT tool for quality assurance check, against glossary and translation memory.
    3. When QA check completed, we exported all translations and delivered them to the client in the same folder structure that we have maintained.
    1. We share the translated glossary with both translators
  2. Cross-checking Proofreading by 2 translators
    1. Given the time frame, and the level of familiarity of content, we asked each translator to proofread the work of the other translator for error and inconsistency.
    2. Proofreading was performed with revision tracks on so that both translators and the project manager are fully aware what has been revised.
    3. After quick communication, both translators delivered their parts with all revision suggestions implemented.
  3. Thorough QA checking
    1. Upon receiving the delivery from translators, our project manager imported their work to CAT tool for QA checking to solve inconsistencies between translation and approved glossary.
    2. All errors were caught and fixed, before the final export of the contract document.
  4. Final touches on the layout
    1. We adjusted the layout of the exported contract translation by comparing the original document side-by-side, to ensure the same look and feel as the English copy.


  • We delivered the translation within 12 hours.
  • It took 2 legal translators, 1 in-house editor and 1 dedicated PM to complete preparation, translation, proofreading and QA check within the same day.
  • The client is extremely satisfied with our work: fast turnaround, high-quality, well-organized and proactive communication. The client is thankful that we do not ask for extra payment for the rush job.

How does it work?


Ask For a Quote

You may send us all the documents and video contents for a detailed quotation. We will offer you a solution that comes with fast delivery and low prices.


Approve by Paying

If you are satisfied with the solution and quotation, you may order it by paying. Once it's received, our project managers and language experts will take it from there.


Waiting For Updates

All you need to do is wait for it. For small projects, you may wait for 24 hours or less; for bigger projects, we will keep you posted on the progress.


Receive Translation

When the translation has been done and thoroughly checked for best visual effects, we will send you the translation. We will adjust it to your satisfaction.