How to Win an Agency Client: Transparent Approach to Build Trust



One of the biggest translation agency in UK


Client is one of the biggest translation agency in UK. As China market grows, the demand for Chinese language service has been on constant rise. The client wish to find reliable partners for the growing business.


The client is looking for reliable partners for the growing business in China. Consistently good quality is the main concern for working with another agency. After initial trust was gained, many agencies stealthily change for less qualified but cheaper translators, in order to increase their profits.


  1. Sending blind CVs
    The client is looking for translators who could work in specific fields, most of them are highly technical, including chemical, medical, biology and AI neuroscience. So we gather a list of matching translators, name, work experience, expertise, ratings, together with their blind CVs.
  2. Offering test translations
    After signing an NDA with the client, we offered free test translations for the requested topics. There will be no risk for the client, so that they could form an idea on how well we can do without paying anything upfront. So together with the client, 7 out of 10 copies were accepted.
  3. Pilot project
    Very soon, we received first batch of work, which requires a short turnaround time of 24 hours for around 6,000 words. So we splited the work and sent it to three translators and 1 in-house proofreader. We informed the client that we have split the work between these translators, whose name and their workscopes were also reported. All of the translators returned their parts within 8 hours. In just 4 hours, the proofreader performed a thorough check on the entire translation to keep consistency in the use of terminology. Finally our dedicated project manager run QA check to correct all the errors caught. The client PM was very happy that we return it early, while offering everything she needs: final translation, proofread copy with revision tracks, TMX format translation memory and a QA report. The pilot project is a success.
  4. More projects
    1. We always handpicked best available translators, who have a good match for the requested language and expertise. And we kept it 100% transparent with the client on which translators was invited on which job. Because we always mark the translation with the translator’s name.
    2. The client was happy to see that the quality has been very stable over time, so they sent us more work.


  • It takes time to build trust, and it pays off to be honest all the time.
  • The client is extremely satisfied with our work: fast turnaround, high-quality, well-organized, proactive communication, frequent status reports, and most importantly we are always available for them.

How does it work?


Ask For a Quote

You may send us all the documents and video contents for a detailed quotation. We will offer you a solution that comes with fast delivery and low prices.


Approve by Paying

If you are satisfied with the solution and quotation, you may order it by paying. Once it's received, our project managers and language experts will take it from there.


Waiting For Updates

All you need to do is wait for it. For small projects, you may wait for 24 hours or less; for bigger projects, we will keep you posted on the progress.


Receive Translation

When the translation has been done and thoroughly checked for best visual effects, we will send you the translation. We will adjust it to your satisfaction.