T. Ogoso

Chinese-Japanese translator & Editor


Translation Editing Programming Computer science


I am a native speaker of Japanese. I’m fluent in Chinese, because I have been living in Shanghai for 20 years. I love programming and translating, I especially excel at technical translation, such as IT and electronic translation. I also work as an editor for younger translators.


Mandarin Chinese: HSK 6

Work Experience

2002 – NOW
Freelance translator | Shanghai

I’m a freelance translator for Chinese to Japanese translation only. I enjoy Chinese culture and cuisine, so I moved with my family to Shanghai in 2002.

1975 – NOW
Programmer | Kyoto

I’m interested in computer science and learned it by working on various independent projects.


B.S | 1975
Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG), Kyoto, Japan
Computer Science


Japanese, Simplified Chinese, English


I have translated numerous technical, business, and legal documents, including patents, between Japanese and Chinese languages. I served as the lead translator and editor for several translation companies in Shanghai.


I have translated over 20,000,000 words for customers in various sectors.

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