Chinese Website Localization, Optimization, Web, and Social Marketing

We go for an extra mile and promote your brand across Chinese platforms and marketing channels to get the desired results.

You work with the professionals who know the nooks and crannies of the Chinese market and the internet, providing you effective engagement with targeted Chinese customers and lead generation. We build a bridge to the huge gap between website translation and successful marketing. Unlike other translation companies, whose attention never go beyond crucial steps after website translation, AZ-Loc implements website translation, localization, and optimization at the core of each project with a well-planned Chinese online marketing strategy. We integrate Chinese SEO in our translations and are 99.9% accurate, linguistically correct, always in the context, and culturally adapted in Simplified or Traditional Chinese texts. Proficient in Chinese SEO techniques, we use the right keyword varieties and long tail combinations in the translated texts to match Baidu search results. Our Chinese translators have a knack for website content writing and basic SEO.

For Chinese website translation and localization, AZ-Loc team offers:

  • Translate your content, localized your website from English into Chinese.
  • Optimize your Chinese website and make it searchable and stay on top ranks.
  • Build your brand on local social media platforms, create Chinese contents for you to engage prospects and generate more sales leads.
  • Translate and localize your e-learning courses and corporate training from English to Chinese.
  • Localize your software into Chinese, for both PC and mobile platforms.
  • Localize your video games into Chinese, both PC and mobile platforms.
  • Translate video from English into Chinese, dub in Chinese and add Chinese subtitles on it.

We are proficient in plain HTML and most popular content management systems (CMS):

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • XML, plain HTML, or Word and Excel

While western companies chase after Google SEO techniques for better rankings, AZ-Loc knows how Chinese search engines like Baidu works. Our web marketing gurus ‘live and breathe’ homegrown social networking sites like WeChat, Tencent’s QQ Space, and Sina Weibo – the widely used tools and platforms to amplify your promotions to a wider, digitally-savvy and mobile-dependent market.

With over 600 million active mobile users on Baidu and over half of the traffic comes from mobile search, it’s about time to take advantage of this opportunity with less stress on your side. Let the experts do the work for you, delivering you actionable, measurable, and higher ROI on your China marketing budget.

Optimize using the right keywords. Be visible and searchable. Stay on top of search results!

AZ-Loc knows the insider tricks and strategies of Chinese search engines like Baidu. Website translation and localization are part of the building process to be visible in China. But if you’re serious in targeting the nearly 700 million Internet users, don’t forget to include website optimization in your online marketing plan.

Once you start chatting with us, our optimization experts will work on a custom-made plan based on your objectives. What’s more, once you work with the AZ-Loc, you will receive valuable insights on China online marketing. To succeed, you need a continuous and combined strategies:

  1. China SEO and Web Content Optimization
    Be seen on top of page results constantly to increase your web traffic.
  2. Social Media Marketing and Management
    Proactively engage with your local audience and prospets on the most popular Chinese platforms, forums, IMs, such as:
    • Tencent WeChat
    • Tencent QQ Zone
    • Baidu Tieba
    • Renren
    • Pengyou
    • Douban
    • Kaixin
    • Zhihu
    • Tianya Forum

How does it work?


Ask For a Quote

You may send us all the documents and video contents for a detailed quotation. We will offer you a solution that comes with fast delivery and low prices.


Approve by Paying

If you are satisfied with the solution and quotation, you may order it by paying. Once it's received, our project managers and language experts will take it from there.


Waiting For Updates

All you need to do is wait for it. For small projects, you may wait for 24 hours or less; for bigger projects, we will keep you posted on the progress.


Receive Translation

When the translation has been done and thoroughly checked for best visual effects, we will send you the translation. We will adjust it to your satisfaction.

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