How Does WeChat Marketing Add Value to Your Social Media Efforts in China


Thinking if WeChat marketing is for you?

WeChat remains the most popular app among Chinese consumers. You can expand your digital marketing efforts through this universal app. It allows consumers to do almost anything within the app.

As of this writing, based on Q3 2018 data, WeChat has more than 1 billion monthly active users. It ranks as the fifth most used app in the world.

From mobile payments to booking flight tickets and ordering food, the ecosystem of WeChat will make you want to understand both its simplicity and complexity.

Here’s a simple guide on how it can add value to your social media efforts.

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how wechat adds value to social media in china

1 An ecosystem that allows you to explore its features

It started as an instant messaging app back in 2013 but has transformed into a platform, an ecosystem that allows Chinese consumers to connect with people, make payments, order food, taxi, book flights, pay bills, and many more.

Imagine Facebook, Skype, PayPal, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Uber, Twitter, Google, and whatever mainstream social media platform you could think of. All the key features of their services are rolled into a single app. In short, you can do everything and anything without having to download other apps, which is convenient for the consumers.

The integration of all these services offers opportunities for global companies to explore the services so they can promote products and services.

2 Publish video content for engagement and exposure

Aside from the captions that you often see on a feed, video content is one of the best ways to engage with the followers and increase your exposure as a brand. Global brands who have been doing this publish a video, which is embedded on their WeChat blog.

Although creating a video is expensive, as of this writing, consuming short videos is one of the WeChat trends. Consumers would like to see on the Moments (akin to the “news feed” on Facebook) aside from photos and texts.

3 Set up an online store for cross-border e-commerce

You can set up your own e-commerce store within the WeChat app with the help of the local social media specialists. While this process may require technical and marketing skills on the local supplier, the results can be rewarding if done right.

You need to create a WeChat account, cross-border payment account, and upload your products with photos.

You may watch out for our next series on WeChat marketing articles for more information.

4 Build your brand’s authority and credibility

Once you have your Official WeChat account, you can use content to build your brand. Many luxury retail brands in the cosmetics and fashion industries use the blog to sell their products creatively.

For example, highlight the latest products, the uses, and how can consumers benefit from them. Others take advantage of re-blogging content as long as they’re related to the business and are valuable to the followers.

One way to do this is by using the Sogou and to search for relevant, viral articles.

5 Customize your marketing through voice chats

Audio messages or voice messages are popular among Chinese consumers. As a means of communication, most Chinese often use voice messages to friends and colleagues. And brands can also take advantage of this as a way to personalize the marketing strategy.

For example, this influencer named Luojisiwei takes advantage of the audio messages by sending a 60-sec voice chat about core insights of a good book with a list when you subscribe to his account.

Always remember that you need a strategy on WeChat to make sure your marketing efforts and money can return good exposure, increase in sales and long-term engagement with your customers.

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