20,000 Words of Fashion Translation into Chinese in just 5 days


Here’s a project history that will help our clients understand how we work on Chinese fashion translation projects.

Find out how we helped a client who publishes media content in the fashion industry translate their materials for the China market.

Our first project with the company was a translation of an article on Top 10 Restaurants in Australia from Traditional Chinese (for the Hong Kong region) into Simplified Chinese to cater to their audience in Mainland China.

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chinese fashion translation
How we began working with Chinese Fashion translation with the client
The client, BAZAAR, was satisfied and happy when they found out we were excellent at creatively translating and writing fashion topics.

The company produces fashion magazines that aim to provide sources for fashion trends, tips, pop culture news, and celebrity style. They have Chinese versions for China market.

They were happy with the results of our previous translation work. And then they sent us fashion articles for translation from English to Simplified Chinese. For three weeks, we received the materials ranging from around 1,000 – 3,000+ words, almost daily. There were 14 articles, which contained approximately 20,000 words.

The client required us to return T+1. It means they send the article the previous day, and we are expected to return the translation the following day.

Flexible team and high-quality Chinese translation for consistency
The client was happy with Mr. Eric Chen’s work. He has working experience in fashion translation for about 19 years.

They loved Mr. Chen’s work and would like him to work on the translation tasks. But he can’t always be available for translation, especially for urgent ones, given that he was also working on other tasks.

The turn around time was also crucial for the client, so they agreed to check other translations, but they must be equally good or better than him.

We had three top translators on the ladder who would produce excellent translations at the same quality as Mr. Chen. But all of them were fully loaded with translation tasks, too.

Maintaining consistency in fashion translation work
The client agreed to the idea of adding a new translator resource to the team but expecting the same if not better quality.

The project manager handpicked 5 class B translators who had excellent history records from previous collaborations. Then he ran a sample test translation, have it reviewed by Eric to pick out the one that was potentially good and required minimum revision effort.

Now we got Ms. Sunny Sun, a freelance translator with only four years’ translation experience but she can write in a fluent, and natural style that makes the Chinese translation sounds like it was written in Chinese.

The client was thrilled with her work and approved her to be the translator for the rest of the articles. Also, we were appreciated the fast turnaround and quick solution.

For this project, we finished 14 articles with approximately 20,000 words and completed them on time.

For more project histories, we will be publishing more about fashion and other industries to give you an idea of our workflow.

Let us know if you need assistance, our AZ-Loc fashion translators and project managers are happy to help you get started.

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