Chinese to English Translation for Healthcare Survey in Piles of Paper



Medical equipment producer in Israel


The client is a leading medical equipment producer for bone density checkups in Israel. It has been in active collaboration with 100+ hospitals in China. They have distributed and recycled survey reports from some main 20 hospitals. They need to collect feedback from doctors, who are actually using their product. All these reports were filled in Chinese, which client does not understand. Thus they contacted us to translate those critical messages from Chinese to English.


Our client collected 1500+ survey feedbacks and patient bone density records in paper from doctors in 22 hospitals of 6 provinces of China. All of the feedbacks were handwritten. The client has shipped all of them in a big pile by post. They need someone to translate every feedback even in slightest detail. Translation was needed in 1 month.


  1. Sort and label
    We categorized the survey by hospital name, labeled and paginated them so that we can quickly refer to each single page immediately, whenever needed.
  2. Digitize the paperwork for reuse
    We scanned all the hard copies into PDF and rename them by the same page number and store them in the respective folder created for each hospital.
  3. Create templates
    We found the survey layout were a bit different from hospital to hospital, however, most data types are identical, so we created a Word template for faster and consistent data entry.
  4. Data entry with Chinese human typing service
    Since all the feedback were in handwritten form, OCR accuracy is way lower than human labor. Our Chinese typists started typing manually all comments in Word files based on the template that we built. Experienced typist lead ran QA check to ensure all the data entered are free of typo or ambiguity, which will facilitate the process for translation. All PDF scanned copies were all rendered into completely editable Word format with a unified layout. The documents were ready for translation.
  5. Prepare for translation and build glossary
    1. We imported all the Word documents in the same folder structure into CAT tool for analysis and pre-processing. The total workload had decreased by 60%, thanks to the template and repetition.
    2. We also locked down numbers and other entries that do not need translation at all to further reduce the work scope for the client.
    3. During the process, we have extracted terminologies, arranged for translation and sent them for client review. After client approval, we created a terminology base for the project, so that every participating translators were on the same page on the use of terminology.
  6. Translation, proofreading and QA check
    1. We handpicked best Chinese to English translators, who have a strong medical background either in the academics or in work experience. Since they were familiar with the medical contents, we can be sure terminologies were translated correctly.
    2. Our proofreader is highly proficient in English and good at writing in English accurately and fluently, and they took the credit of leveling up the readability and customer experience.
    3. After proofreading, our dedicated project manager imported translation back to CAT tool for quality assurance check, against glossary and translation memory.
    4. When QA check completed, we exported all translations and delivered them to the client in the same folder structure that we have maintained.


  • Work scope has shrunk from the initial estimate of 300,000 words to 129,446 words, thanks to template and CAT tool adoption.
  • It took 3 human typists, 3 translators, 1 proofreader, and 1 dedicated PM to complete preparation, translation, proofreading and QA check in just 25 days.
  • The client is extremely satisfied with our work: fast turnaround, high-quality, well-organized, proactive communication, frequent status reports, and most importantly saved him a lot of money.

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