How a Free Marketing Letter Translation Opened More Projects for Us


How can marketing and fashion work together?

Read more as we share with you about marketing letters and how Chinese translators with fashion and marketing experience worked on this project.

Aside from that, we also scored more projects with the same client because they were satisfied with our marketing letter translation.

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We received an inquiry from a fashion company, Loro Piana.

The company produces premium luxury outwear jackets, coats & trench, knitwear, dresses & skirts and many more. From shoes to accessories for men and women, they have them. Loro Piana has 36 stores in China.

They needed help in marketing letter translation in Chinese. It was only 287 words. They required to receive the translation within the same day. We delivered what they needed from us.

We did it for FREE as a sample test because it’s only less than 300 words.

The client was pleased and satisfied with our translation. We only had a few edits on our version.

Chinese fashion translation of booklets for gentlemen
So, a few days later, they sent in another batch of contents that need to be translated. This time it was two booklets on hand-made products for gentlemen.

We finished both translations on time and worked within their budget. They loved the style of our translation.

But there’s more. Small tasks kept coming every week. Moreover, then, several months later, much bigger jobs came in.

There were eight (8) big books of product catalogs with 30,000+ non-repetition and around 17,000 repetitions. Moreover, they needed them back within a week.

Working with Chinese fashion translators
With the repetition we found, we only charged 10% of the standard translation price. And we applied 20% on top of everything as a volume discount.

We only have a limited time for this project. So, we divided the work among several Chinese translators. They worked simultaneously to save time and beat the deadline.

But not everyone can do it — only professional translators with good records on fashion translations.

So, we grouped a team of eight (8) translators with two (2) backup translators to work on different books.

Maintaining consistency among several different Chinese fashion translators
The client has been thrilled with the translation style of Mr. Eric Chen. So, we shared some of his translations as a reference so that other translators would be able to follow and maintain the style.

Consistency was important in this project with such a massive volume of work.

In the previous projects, we had been growing translation memory and terminology base (glossary) specifically for the client.

So, to keep things going, we shared valuable information with our professional translators and editors. We wanted to make sure everyone was in the loop.

We also ran a QA check in all translations from different translators.

The good news is, we completed within 4.5 working days. The client’s requirement was within a week.

The client was happy with our fast turnaround and good translation work.

For more project histories, we will be publishing more about fashion and other industries to give you an idea of our workflow.

Let us know if you need assistance, our AZ-Loc fashion translators and project managers are happy to help you get started.

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