What’s the Difference Between Certified Translation and Regular Translation?


Not all translations require certified translation services.

But how will you know when you need them?

Translators can certify important documents in some circumstances. In this post, you’ll know the difference between Chinese certified translation services and regular Chinese translation services.

First thing’s first, keep in mind that you need to look for professional translators who are experienced in your specific sector or industry (e.g., legal translators, healthcare and medical translators, etc.)

Then you can also refer to traits that local agencies have in China to help you select the right translation agency for you, especially for massive projects.

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certified translations in Chinese
What is a certified Chinese translation service?
Certified Chinese translation services require translators who are native speakers to include a statement, certifying that the texts that were translated, affirmed with his or her signature and contact information, that the translated version are accurate and complete to the best of the Chinese translator’s ability and knowledge.

Simply put, the Chinese translator’s job is to affirm and verify that the quality of translation is accurate and complete.

But isn’t it the same task when it comes to regular translation? Let’s say translation of fashion catalogs and magazines and other types of business documents?

Certified translations are relevant and applicable to legal documents, immigration documents, court transcripts, birth certificates, passports, and marriage and death certificates.

When do you need these certified translations in Chinese?
Here are some situations that will require you to avail the certified translations:

You need to certify your college diplomas and doctoral degrees that may be necessary for the hiring process of a Chinese company or if you need to study or live in China.
Birth certificates, passports, visas, and marriage licenses if you’re migrating to China or you need to submit them to foreign affairs if required.
Official transcripts in the court that may be used for legal proceedings, including police checks and criminal records.
Financial statements that you need to submit to an entity like bank statements, audits, and more.
Contracts and non-disclosure agreements for business and legal procedures
In short, you need to work with highly experienced Chinese translators for these types of documents.

When it comes to regular translation, you don’t have to, or you shouldn’t really require all documents to be certified. For example, website translation and technical translation of manuals and guides don’t necessarily need the service mentioned above.

But of course, they still have to be delivered to you with utmost accuracy and precision.

We hope this post has shed light on the type of Chinese translations that you can avail, how and when to use those services.

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