5 Creative WeChat Campaigns in Mobile Marketing Reigns


If you have lived in China, you can resonate with my fascination at WeChat’s features.

It makes our lives convenient when booking a taxi, ordering our favorite meals, or processing any online transaction.

We can process mobile transactions in a few clicks and taps.

As of this writing, WeChat has already over 1 billion active monthly users. More citizens stay connected online using this mobile app.

Global companies are also exploring ways to take advantage of its features that can help them grow their businesses both offline and online.

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As an avid (and daily) user of WeChat, we have compiled this list to show you how global companies use it in their mobile marketing strategies.

It will also give you some takeaways, which you can also implement in the future in case you want to launch your own WeChat marketing.

1. Hermès on using games to win over the millennial shoppers implicitly

The luxury brand is taking advantage of Chinese millennials’ purchasing power through creative strategies such as games (mobile apps) to win over their hearts. Launching a standalone mobile app called Hermès H-pitchhh, it’s a horseshoe pitching game where users can score points when they hit the stake.

While it does seem irrelevant to launch this mobile app, it requires practice and skills to unlock each level or the “worlds.”

Hermès creatively infused the drawings and bonuses about Emile Hermès hidden objects collections and also through its “Challenge Your Friend” feature, gamers can play with other friends virtually.

2. Michael Kors on offline to online (O2O) strategy in partnership with Tiantianpitu

Michael Kors knows the selfie obsession of Chinese consumers. The luxury brand recently partnered with Tiantianpitu, a Chinese photo editing app to execute an offline to online strategy, targeting women who make the most of their core group.

Shoppers are encouraged to join and submit photos when they visit Michael Kors retail stores that have Tiantianpitu’s technology in the mirrors. They can take and edit pictures then share it on WeChat. Participants who submit their photos get a chance to win a Bristol handbag. Promo period was from March 23 to May 12.

3. Cebu Pacific Air on content-focus posts to attract more bookings

The Philippine airline goes beyond the mainstream blogging like how western digital marketing works. Aside from posting the super cheap rates of roundtrip tickets, the company is publishing content on its official WeChat account.

Overseas companies can create official WeChat accounts so they can use that as their marketing channel to promote content, push content and other announcements. Think of it as the best way to subscribe to a company to get the latest updates.

4. Walmart on mini-program for seamless payments while shopping

Despite the cut-throat competition in China through the years in the retail and e-commerce industries, Walmart took a huge step recently and opened its first high-tech supermarket in Shenzhen in collaboration with JD.com to tap the seamless payment experience while shopping.

Integrating offline and online shopping, this outlet will have more than 8000 items from stir-fried clams to fresh fruits, according to Reuters. They will be available online, and shoppers will receive the ordered items if they are within the 2-kilometer radius.

Payments are made via WeChat messaging and items are delivered as fast as 29 minutes.

5. Starbucks “Say It With Starbucks” for a more personal experience

Last but not the least, Starbucks also had its creative way to promote its brand and simultaneously engage with its customers on a more personal level with the “Say It With Starbucks” product launched on WeChat.

Share or buy a cup for a friend using the interface integrated into WeChat and consumers can write blessings and send them to friends and family.

Digital gift cards (or e-gift cards) are not new among digital marketers in China, but being able to integrate into the WeChat interface can be an effective way to monetize and also tap mobile users.

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Global companies are also exploring ways to take advantage of its features that can help them grow their businesses both offline and online.

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