Chinese Typing Services Rates and Workflow – How Much and How it Works


Do you need help in digitizing those printed copies of important documents?

Chinese typing services can speed up the process and also help you focus on your priorities.

Here’s a guide on how you can make the most of the typing services. Depending on the length and number of pages, you can save more money and get things done faster.

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When should you avail human typing services?

Typing? Like anyone in your company can do it, right? Work at the office involves typing. But when you have thousands of pages that are not editable, you need to outsource this work. You’ll be able to digitize version like Word document.

Typing services are useful when:

  • You have printed documents that need digital copies (both in the Chinese language)
  • You have published documents that need editable files and translation in English (Chinese to English or vice versa)
  • Printed research papers, books, manuscripts, reports and other records that need digital versions (archives for websites or add-on data for your research)
  • Scanned documents that you can’t ship or send due to cost. So you opted to send scanned copies then converted to editable files

What other perks do you get from human typing?

This task is also known as copy typing. The human typist copies the texts from handwritten notes or a non-editable document.

It means word by word, line by line. The source texts could be in Chinese or English. While other documents have add-on tasks like Chinese to English translation.

You’d instead work with human typists because you don’t know how to type Chinese characters. You don’t have enough time to do it, and you need to meet the deadline. You want 100% accuracy because you don’t understand the handwritten characters.

Here’s how AZ-Loc works with files

  • Transcribe the texts manually out of the copied and printed materials
  • Digitize the texts automatically with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools.
ComparisonOCRHuman Typing
SpeedInstant (sec to min)Slow (hours to days)
Customer SatisfactionLowHigh

The team combines OCR and human typing to speed up the process and lower the cost. OCR can recognize the characters faster, and with the help of a human, it can correct or edit the mistakes.

How much does Chinese human typing service cost?

The rates for this type of document is usually per typed page. The standard rates at AZ-Loc are $2.00 – $2.50 per page.

You’ll also get add-on services such as proofreading for free when you work with AZ-Loc team. Other agencies often charge this on top of your bill. Plus, if you’re working with thousands and thousands of page, you get discounts, too.

You can also visit the Human Typing Services page for more details. Each project may vary, but the process and workflow are generally the same unless you need additional task like Chinese to English translation.

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