How Can Chinese Copywriting Give Value to Your Online Marketing Strategies?


It’s time to go an extra mile with your marketing strategies. Chinese copywriting can help you communicate with your audience better. Words matter. And so are the right words, which resonate to every age group.

Translating your English content and “trans-creating” them will give life on your content. But what does that “trans-creation” mean?

It’s when a Chinese copywriter recreates your brand’s content with a cultural touch. It has to be punchy. It has to be both creative and emotional where the consumer can’t help but get the WeChatPay and buy the item.

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When culture and audience play big roles in this practice

The copywriter must not be a good translator only. Translation and localization skills are helpful, but he or she must understand the marketing message and the context it’ll have in the culture.

When Apple launched the iPhone 6, the simplified Chinese of the slogan was: 比更大还更大. The English version was “Bigger than bigger.” But the netizens found it amusing and came up with some bastardised version of it.

How did Apple handle it? They changed the Chinese slogan to 岂止于大“ (“It’s not just bigger”). It’s also the original slogan released in Taiwan and Hong Kong markets.

So, how can trans-creation, which is part of the copywriting process give value? You can use them when you’re investing in any of the following:

1 WeChat Official Page

WeChat has more than 1 billion monthly active users as of this writing. It’s like the Facebook of China but a more ubiquitous app that can almost do anything and everything.

For businesses, a WeChat Official Page is like a Facebook fan page. Punchy Chinese copywriting and description about your company serve as assets for you. You can gather your followers, send them to push notifications and call them to take action. For example, direct them to your website or online shopping platform.

The official page is like your elevator pitch to your visitors. Copywriting must be sweet, short, and clear.

2 T-Mall, Taobao, or local e-commerce sites

Netizens have a short attention span. T-Mall, Taobao and other homegrown e-commerce platforms are full of content already. When you visit these sites, the pages are too noisy and cluttered.

But there’s a science behind it, so how can you attract shoppers and mere spectators alike? Give life to your product descriptions and how your services work. Chinese shoppers love to read and rely on peer recommendations, too. Take a look at the global brands’ T-Mall spaces.

3 Advertisements on PPCs

Placement of characters in ads is crucial on pages. That’s where a skilled copywriter needs to dig deeper on the right words and slogans in the first few lines.

Copywriting should also target the right demographics for the services or products. For example, if you want to invest in PPC (Pay Per Click) in Baidu ads, you need to know specific keywords. These phrases or keywords should be present in the ad itself to drive quality traffic.

The ad placements with quality copywriting should be relevant to search queries. Again, they need to be punchy and creative.

4 Active social networking sites

Aside from WeChat, there are useful social networking sites where most of the post-80s and 90s hang out. From Sina Weibo and Douban to Zhihu, good copywriting can add more credibility to your posts.

For global brands, take advantage of these social sites if you’re on a targeted approach. Hang out where your customers usually browse. Douban is popular among youngsters. A lifestyle and social platform to share ideas.

A combination of copywriting and photos will do wonders for your followers.

Those as mentioned above are for the online marketing strategies. We all know that print-ads like brochures and flyers still need a touch of copywriting.

If you’re active on any of these platforms, you may want to discuss more on how you can be more engaging and creative. One of our native Chinese copywriters can assist you.

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