How Much Does Chinese Mobile App Localization Cost?


Price is a major consideration for any project, and mobile app localization is not an exception.

When one of my content writers asked me if I’d be comfortable in sharing my insights about Chinese app localization pricing, without hesitation I said, “Why not?”

I love transparency because it reflects one’s sincerity to helping and providing value to the projects we handle as a team.

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So, this post is not intended to be the absolute industry pricing of translation and localization agencies in China, but rather an estimate of the cost based on the client’s requirements that we’re able to work on at AZ-Loc.

There’s no one-size-fits-all pricing plan for Chinese app localization, but providing this break down will guide you in your decision-making process.

The starter package for a small app (U$50.00 up)

You recently launched your English app and would like to reach out to your Chinese audience. Your app analytics dashboard tells you there’s a sizable amount of users downloading your app, so maybe a translation of the text can be your starting point.

A small app with less than 500 words cost about U$50.00 or more. The cost only includes translation of texts, proofreading, and QA.

Previous projects: Targo WeissBeerger (mobile), 502 words

The entrepreneur’s investment for a medium app (U$200.00 up)

Your mobile app perhaps may include more pages and nitty-gritty coding with a sizable amount of content with 2,500 words or more.

More complicated texts and content will require you to pay higher than this estimated package.

Aside from the translation, proofreading and QA are included in this package. App localization – adding a cultural touch – such as design, APIs for local social media platforms, colors, and among others – are not yet included.

Previous projects: Targo SessMe (mobile, icon index) 960 + 820 words; Ultimeyes (mobile) 15748 words

The colossal software for serious app developers and publishers (U$1,200.00 up)

If your mobile app has more than 20,000 words, this would probably cost about U$1,200 or more, which includes the translation, proofreading, and QA.

The localization of the app itself isn’t yet included here, and that requires another set of professional Chinese translators, developers, coders, to extract and work on the strings and codes of a large, complicated software.

However, you can save more money when translators use the CAT tools – the cost can decrease around 10% of the total cost.

As mentioned, these costs are estimates only and not intended to be the absolute industry pricing.

If you want to work on a more complex, detailed mobile app localization that requires professional translators, developers, designers, and proofreaders on mobile gaming apps or e-learning apps, expect that the cost could go higher because of the workload and skill sets needed.

Previous projects:

  • Photomyne (mobile) 6526 + 2453 + 3390 + 435 words in Simplified and Traditional Chinese;
  • MindLab E-learning 31563 / 52117 + 23000 + 1038 words;

Take note: The context of “words” here are the translatable words. Our team excludes all codes that do not need translation at all to save you cost. We make sure we protect all the codes from any tampering.

Planning to localize your mobile app for Chinese consumers? Let us know and will prepare a best affordable pricing plan for you.

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