How Do These 5 Global Luxury Brands Use WeChat Campaigns for Engagement?


Whenever I open my WeChat 微信, I’ll never run out of things and content to browse. It’s an app that almost provides solutions to online dilemmas.

Need to search for a topic, the Search button is there. Need to book a flight? There’s an icon under WeChatPay. Need to pay bills? Book a flight ticket? Share files? Want to know what’s trending? Top Stories are available.

In WeChat’s ecosystem, various features and tools like mini-programs for marketing are available in-app. You don’t need to use other apps.

It’s no wonder global companies are exploring its features—from luxury brands to food and beverage to clothing and footwear retailers.

I also discovered recent data about WeChat as of this writing:

1.08 billion monthly active users (MAU) according to Statistica

Moments, one of the key features of the app, (like a feed) is the most favorite open app among users according to Statistica

The 1.08 billion MAU made 410 million daily video and audio calls according to China Daily

Spending in retail stores and dining rose by 1.5 times and 1.7 times according to China Daily.

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For digital marketing campaigns, WeChat should be on your list.

Moreover, although the PPC advertising for this platform requires a hefty price tag (minimum of RMB 50,000 or about USD 7,450 for both foreign-owned and Chinese companies), there are different ways to advertise on this platform.

I’ll share an in-depth post on that one later.

So, let’s take a look at these five enticing WeChat marketing campaigns. You may want to learn from the principles and strategies. Afterward, you can tailor it for your specific industry and audience. If you need help, we have Chinese social media marketing specialists to assist you and manage campaigns for you.

1. Dior’s Livestream Beauty Event

For luxury retailing, cosmetics, and beauty items, live streaming via WeChat can result in a viral campaign. Dior gained attention with more than 3 million viewers on its live streaming beauty event in Chengdu. The company tried the “See Now, Buy Now” feature integrated into the live stream. The creative director Peter Philips hosted the beauty event and offered beauty tutorials and make-up tips. The live stream event was a great platform to showcase products like eye palettes, lipsticks, foundations, and more.

What to learn: live stream at the event can support both your online and offline activities. It’s an ideal way to engage and educate customers.

2. Swarovski’s Pig-Themed Campaign in Chinese New Year

Swarovski partnered with, the second largest e-commerce platform and integrated the online store on WeChat. Customers get to access all pig-themed accessories and jewelry for their CNY campaign. Attracting female customers, they encourage them to treat themselves with a gift, plus a chance to win a CNY hongbao or red packet. Once the customer scrolls down at the end of the page, they’re directed to a product page. Customers can view products and read reviews, and buy items straight from WeChatPay.

What to learn: Swarovski stayed relevant to the CNY theme and took advantage of the season where people are in the mood to buy and treat themselves. Timing is everything.

3. Burberry’s 24-Hour Flash Sale

Burberry knows that e-commerce is part of the lives of Chinese customers. It launched a 24-hour flash sale of Spring/Summer 2019 runway items and limited editions products, featuring sleek and chic French coats to new monogram sneakers to casual t-shirts and among others. These were just available in one day. The result was a success as nearly half of the products were sold out before the end of the 24 hours. As you know this is not the first time Burberry launched a 24-hour flash sale. Known for its bespoke e-commerce experience in WeChat, the company also had a sale for Chinese Valentine’s Day in 2018.

What to learn: Take advantage of the customers’ love of e-commerce. The limited edition products and limited time create a sense of urgency, a good marketing tactic.

4. Coach Mother’s Day Campaign, #MyFirstCoach

If Burberry’s strategy focuses on content marketing and customer service, Coach plays it well in promotions and customer loyalty programs. It also launched a creative campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day where it went viral in 2015. With the hashtag #MyFirstCoach, customers were encouraged to upload photos of themselves and their mothers, to send the message across platforms: Moms are the first coaches, right? That’s not all. Coach went the extra mile and bought WeChat Moment ads for that campaign to promote #MyFirstCoach. Did you know one Moment ad cost about USD 30,380?

What to learn: Campaigns that evoke emotions are effective. Being creative and making sure timing is right unlocks engagement and virality. Plus, you also get what you pay for when you want to get serious on WeChat ads.

5. Louis Vuitton Interactive Services

As of this writing, market trends show that Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Gucci are playing it well in the luxury market goods as Prada slips the spot. The iconic luxury brand Louis Vuitton and exploring WeChat by being more virtual, interactive, and engaging, sustaining both the online and offline retailing and efforts. During the Shanghai exhibition, the WeChat campaign showed the “must-haves” in the virtual world and integrated audio tour and virtual maps. Leveraging on the shoppers’ keen use of the app, they also encouraged them to join their virtual game. Players can customize the Vuitton trunks.

What to learn: Interactive services can sustain online, and offline activities, especially for events and exhibitions like these, shoppers and even the curious ones get to see what’s going on at the venue even if they’re not present. Accessibility and engagement are critical for these types of campaigns, just as how Dior’s live stream event mentioned above.

What’s your action?

From interactive services to e-commerce 24-hr flash sales and creative, emotional campaigns, luxury brands primarily in the retailing sector can learn much from these strategies. Knowing the culture and the market, the technology, and principles that influence customers can help you not just engage and gain exposure in the internet space.

It leads to sales, brand loyalty, and most of all, long-term success if done right and always in the perfect time and season.

Will you be the next luxury brand to explore WeChat campaigns or other social media marketing strategies? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to assist you from conceptualizing to actions and results.

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