Is a Chinese Landing Page a Good Investment?


Did you know there’s another way to test the market if you’re not yet ready to invest in a professionally translated Chinese website?

If you have a handful of website visitors coming from China or you already have a customer database but unsure how to build an effective bilingual website strategy, then this will help you understand your market.

A Chinese landing page is a good investment for short-term goals. Sophie and I recently had a discussion about it, and she shared her insights. Perhaps this post will help you in your decision-making process.

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Chinese consumers are digitally-connected more than ever. Most of them use their mobile phones to browse, shop, and pay merchants. For example, they can easily transfer money via QR scans in WeChat Pay.

Almost everyone is hooked online and this opportunity can’t be overlooked by overseas companies, especially if they’re getting hits from Chinese users.

We recommend a Chinese landing page if you:

  1. Small-business owner with a tight budget
    Starting an online business requires you to invest in tools, hosting, and marketing campaigns to build your website and promote the products or services.

However, if you have a quite sizable amount of visitors coming from China and would like more exposure and provide basic info about your company, this is the cheapest way to do so.

As Sophie put it, “Chinese landing page is the fastest and cheapest way to engage with your Chinese audience. The price/value ratio is highest in the short term.”

Fastest because all you need to do on your side is provide us short and punchy English text or copies that we need to translate without you setting up hosting servers or build a Chinese website. Cheap because it would only cost you less than $70 USD.

  1. Increase your exposure and focus on short-term goals
    The Chinese landing page, aside from the translated copywriting materials, also comes with basic SEO – Chinese keywords and phrases – to help you get indexed on local search engines.

If you only want to test the market or in the pilot stage, then you may settle for this but don’t expect long-term results.

This is also for serious companies that already have a global strategy; they can use a landing page to create a sneak preview of what they want to launch in the China market for long-term.

The landing page can also be used as a platform to offer a digital product for free in exchange for their information that you can use in the future.

  1. Don’t want to invest in hosting costs
    If you want to spare yourself from being entangled by hosting requirements and technical aspects of the business, then a Chinese landing page will not even require you to register a dot-CN or dot-COM domain name when hosting to HK servers.

As Sophie put it, “These types of domains are only available in mainland China plus you need to register a physical entity in China as one of the preliminary requirements. Not to mention, obtaining ICP from the Internet authority takes much longer time than site creation, hosting, and other marketing efforts involved combined.”

It’s a good investment for short-term goals
Think of this recommendation as a temporary solution to achieve your short-term goals. There are caveats when you invest in a page that’s entirely Chinese but then when they visit or are directed to your website, it’s entirely English, which forfeits the goal of hooking the customers to buy the product or service, a bad user experience and most likely they will drop the sessions on your site.

Let us know if this quick, temporary solution is for you.

A Chinese landing page can be a temporary solution to achieve your short-term goals.

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