How to Find High Quality Translation Service in China?


An ideal language partner provides consistent high-quality service to save your time and money and minimize your stress level through professional consultations. A sub-par partner will do the contrary and freak you out.

However, there are always pitfalls and risks if you are not well informed as a buyer. Below is a checklist based on our survey we conducted to our customers regarding their painful experience with previous language service providers in China before working with us as their language partner. We believe the checklist would be helpful for you to check for important points when selecting a high-quality translation service in China.

Check this question list to rule out

  1. Communication
    1. Are they listening attentively?
    2. Do they understand you correctly?
    3. Have they taken your instructions seriously?
    4. Do they update you about progress when project develops?
    5. Do they respond to your feedback?
  2. Accountability & Integrity
    1. Do they work their best to help you achieve your goals?
    2. Do they take the initiative to guide you through difficulties, not by watching you tumbled to pitfalls they already know?
    3. Do they complete all the tasks you required?
    4. Do they complete work for you on time?
    5. Do they complete work with quality that is mutually agreed?
    6. Do they actively do things to keep your costs down?
    7. Do they hand-pick the best appropriate resources for you?
    8. Do they live up to promises?
    9. Do they honestly let you know their strengths and weaknesses?
    10. Are they willing to share all the properties (translation memories and terminology base) with you, at no extra cost?
  3. Speed
    1. Do they get back to your call fast?
    2. Do they take actions quickly?
    3. Are they agile enough to accommodate your ever-changing requests?
  4. Workflow
    1. Do they have complete workflow to ensure best outcome?
    2. Do they fall through all the steps in workflow set in place?
    3. Do they adopt QA tools to catch any inconsistency problems?
    4. Are they willing to provide you proofread translations with revision tracks to prove that they have a second eyes on the translation?
  5. Resources
    1. Is the candidate translator a native speaker of target language?
    2. Does the candidate translator have work experience?
    3. Does the candidate translator have work experience in that particular field?
    4. Does the candidate translator have similar experience?
    5. What is the feedback for his / her work?
    6. Any references that I can contact and verify?
  6. Other points to consider
    1. An ISO-compatible certificate would increase the likelihood of getting quality service. But you cannot rely completely on certificates.
    2. Hire in-country native speakers always ensures higher chances of quality translation.
    3. Hire translator-experts in field would always ensure higher chances of accuracy for quality translation.
    4. Write down quality expectation and all your requests in a binding contract is always a good practice.

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