How to Get Cheaper Cost on Device Testing For Chinese Video Translation of E-Learning Courses


How to Get Cheaper Cost on Device Testing For Chinese Video Translation of E-Learning Courses
Sophie Ao, Author

20 March 2019

I want to share with you another project we had in the e-learning industry. As you know, in China, the e-learning market is gaining momentum. It’s also known as online education, which and it’s expected to exceed $104 billion by 2025.

Huge market, indeed. So, if you’re in this industry and you think your courses will help the learners in China, think about it. You’ll never know, both young and old generation would have interests in your services.

So, I’m sharing how we helped our direct client based in India that runs a software testing company. They’re looking for a partner that can perform video translation QA check. We need to test on ten different device models across Android and iOS platforms.

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The customer is a leading video content provider on inspiration ideas and talks. Let’s call it Company T.

They already translated the talks into Simplified Chinese as scripts. And then such scripts are loaded as CC in their mobile application. But Company T needed native speakers locally based in China to make sure those scripts on videos are correct and in sync. The scripts should play on a variety of mobile devices under different testing environments. For example, when devices connect to Wi-Fi and cellular data.

Company T, the direct customer of our client in India needed native Chinese to handle the project. The native Chinese should have the same perspective of their target users in China.

How the collaboration began with developers and testers
I worked in the IT/Telecom company before, which is an edge on our part. I established a good relationship with developers and device testers.

I worked with a colleague who had 16 years of working experience as a tester. He’s currently a QA leader of a prestigious consulting and technology services company. Since we’re good friends, he helped us out on this project as a friendly favor.

I finalized the details of the project with the client. Afterward, my friend assembled a team of 3 testers and prepared 10 devices for the task.

According to the device test work scope, there are 60 test items involved. Each needed a test run on both Android and iOS devices, and connected to Wi-Fi and cellular data.

The figures are: 60 x 2 x 2 x 10 = 2400 items, requiring a test on all 10 devices.
Each item takes 2 minutes on average, excluding waiting time for full-length play.

So, that’ll be 2400 x 2 / 60 = 80 hours of work. That’d be $1,600 in cost estimation.

But our client had a budget of only $600.

Fast, flexible, and we gained a long-term client
Our client went back to Company T to negotiate with the rate. They concluded that they need to cut down the work scope and instead lessen the device models.

For this project, we were able to cover 5 device models for the same tests for only $600.

Within one working day, we returned the test results to the client. Our project manager also participated in linguistic checking. And he reported a couple of translation-related issues as a complimentary service.

Our client was glad that we could cope with tight deadlines. Our work efficiency and flexibility impressed the client.

As a result, they sent us more work on QA testing for the Chinese language afterward.

They became a returning customer with frequent jobs. They rely on our opinions and advice on their Chinese translations.

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