How to Select the Right Chinese Translator for a Project


When a project comes, we follow a system to ensure that the best resources are used.
Language service is a unique industry, and the following factors can make or break a project. In short,affect the results:

  • If the translator is a native speaker of the target language
  • If the translator has relevant experience in required specialization
  • If the translator’s style and tone is a good match with customer’s branding
  • If those ideal candidates are available to work at the time of inquiry
  • If there is a proofreading process to catch all errors before distributing to a large audience
  • If there are enough number of translators, who are capable and available to take a large amount of translation work, deliver on time, also without compromising quality.

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We combine the above-mentioned factors and then create an exact filter in our project management system.

Next, we narrow down the talent pool.

Then we contact these candidates to check if they are immediately available.

And finally, we create a candidate list, including the name, gender, work experience, education background, our subjective rating and special notes.

Clients have access to these data and select the appropriate resources for the project. When they’re too busy to do it, or don’t have an idea whom to choose, we recommend the best ones suitable forthe job.

For first time customers, after selecting the candidates, we will recommend a free trial translation that is within 300 source words.

The trial will give them a preview of the final deliverables.

For returning customers, they have their choice of translators, usually in several tiers to cater different needs (quality, speed and cost, the golden triangle of project management).

We will assign projects to the designated translators that are immediately available.

Selection of resources – the right Chinese translator – is the very first step to successful projectmanagement for translation.

Who better can translate business documents than professional translators who knows the market, culture and the language, right? The most appropriate resources for a project.

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