3 Levels of Chinese Translation Services We Offer


We believe every document should be treated professionally. However, not all documents should be treated equally. Important ones deserve premium service that requires utmost attention and best resources. Less important ones need standard or economic service that’s fast, cost-efficient or both.

We aim to provide the best appropriate solutions that perfectly match your requirements. In this regard, we have three levels of service for Chinese translation service: Premium, Standard, and Economic. Each addresses different aspects of your requirements, in terms of importance, speed and quality expectations. For your particular project, we will develop a tailored language solution that matches all your requirements and just the way you need it.

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“must have”
Less important
“for information”, “referencing” or “internal”
UsagePublication level tolerance for error = 0 (six sigma)Publication level tolerance for error < 0.6% (four sigma)Non-publication level tolerance for error < 6.7% (three sigma)
UrgencyTime-bounded “urgent”, “need it asap”Time-bounded “urgent”, “need it asap”Less urgent “it can wait”
VolumeSmall to medium
200 to 1,000 words
Medium to large
500 to several millions of words
Small, medium and large
(types of document)
Business plan
Executive summary
Company profile
Entrepreneur biography & CV
Product introduction
Service introduction
Newsletters / email blasts
Product catalog
(as a sales tool)
Service catalog
Corporate brochure
Financial reports
Legal agreements
Corporate weblog
Corporate training materials
Help manuals and documents
Capacity200 to 250
words per hour
2,000 to 5,000
words per working day. No rush fee will apply when 2 translators or less were assigned to translate at the same time.
5,000 to 10,000
words per working day No rush fee will apply when 2 translators or less were assigned to translate at the same time.
Our solutionBest Quality + Same-day Delivery

Entrepreneurs are making decisions a lot faster these days to gain a market edge. You need a local partner that is equally fast to support you.
“sorry for the last minute notice…” “sorry, your translators will have to burn the night oil…”
Don’t be sorry. It’s what we do.
We will take care of your burning issues with unparalleled quality.
Translation will be done by Class A translators.
Best Quality + Cost Effective

We make every effort to ensure the best quality while keeping the cost down for you.
We adopt CAT tools for all translation projects for 2 obvious reasons:
Level up translation quality by keeping consistency throughout all your documents;
Save your cost by applying huge discounts for repetitions and matches in all your documents.
Translation will be done by Class B translators or above.
Cost Effective + Extremely Useful

For less important documents, especially large piles of documents, translating them all usually does not make any sense or allowed by budget.
You need someone native to skim them through, label them properly, make a summary or a gist in a few words, and highlight the most important or controversial parts for you. In this way, you can obtain the most useful information, in the shortest time frame, with the smallest investment.
Translation will be done by Class C translators or above.

If you have documents or websites that need translation in Chinese, let us know, and we’ll give you a quote in 24 hours on a working day or in 48 hours on weekends.

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