How We Select Our Translators: Diamond vs Pebbles?


Every day, we receive more than 200 e-mail applications from translators, writers, and voice-over talents. Weekends are never spared.

We have a rigid selection process, and only 2.4% of them are in the talent pool of collaboration.

Our job is to pick rough diamonds from the pebbles. We carve their jagged edges and make every effort to unleash their hidden potential and polish them to shine.

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When carrying out the selection process, we use industry standard scorecard to gauge translation result in general.

Most translation companies end the process with a pass or fail notice to applicants. That’s the end of story.

But at AZ-Loc, that’s only the beginning. Our in-house reviewers examine every test piece and mark those copies exhibiting high potential in translation skills. Even if they did not score very high initially, we find these diamonds in rough and explore their skill sets via communication and collaboration.

We polish them by constant mutual feedback to make sure they grow along the way.

We cherish working relationships with translators. If we receive a complaint from a client, we don’t’ fire them on the spot. We actively find out possible reasons behind the complaint and do our best to turn it into an opportunity—an opportunity to understand and grow.

Good translators are lifelong learners. Modesty is in their name.

They are open to different opinions and constructive criticisms. They are extremely patient. They make notes on things whenever they feel unsure and prompt the customer to read it.

What a great experience to work with these translators every day at our office and we are still growing.

We refer to the scorecard to weed out those so-called translators that work like machines. Repetitive and boring. For those diamonds in the rough, we are willing to invest time and efforts to train them and polish them that will be mutually beneficial for us.

Here’s the process:

  1. Test translation is mandatory
  2. The in-house reviewers score the translation from the following perspectives:
  • 2.A. Comprehension
    • Convey all pertinent information in translation
    • All instructions being following
    • No omission
  • 2.B. Research and analysis capabilities
    • Research online
    • Judgement call
    • Leaving notes for review on obscure contexts
  • 2.C. Writing skills
    • No literary translation
    • No awkward grammar
    • Idiomatic expression
    • Right selection of words (linguistic expression and technical terminology)
  • Feedback and improvements for every translator
  • The dynamic rating system for translator tracking performance on every single project
  • Translators can only work on subjects that match their expertise and knowledge
  • Translators are native speakers of target language and locales (including Mandarin, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Singapore)

We receive resumes from various recruitment websites and our job is to pick rough diamonds from the pebbles.

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