What You Should Know About Medical Translation in Chinese


Medical translation has much higher requirements than a generic translation. An error in translation, even a slight one could cause injury or death of the user. There is more responsibility on medical translator’s shoulders.

For medical devices, diagnostic instruments and software, as well as pharmaceuticals, there are various topic fields involved: electronic, mechanical, clinical, pharmaceutical, chemistry, bio-science, computer engineering as well as quality directives and safety regulations to consider.

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What’s the ideal medical translator?

An ideal medical translator may not be a full rounder of all topics mentioned above, but he or she would have to be familiar with at least 2-3 topics to translate documents for new medical devices or a new type of drugs.
Medical doctors and practicing physicians being translators have a competitive edge for medical translations. It is because the expertise along with academic theories are not easily acquired, which usually comes in with many years of dedicated training and working experience.

So, from time to time, they need to run research on behalf of the client for clinical evaluation. How can it be done effectively if the translator does not have a pertinent background in medical science?

Most of our medical translators are either doctors or physicians with over five years’ experience.

No need to say that they will need to demonstrate a strong mastery of the English language as well. 83.3% of AZ-Loc medical translators have passed CET-6 tests or equivalent (compare: less than 40% of medical translators has CET-6 certified on current Chinese translation market), and 45% of them have also had completed or furthered their studying/working in UK, US, Canada, Australia, and European countries.

They are more familiar with terms and jargons in English than those did not have the experience abroad. In return, this will benefit our clients with much higher chances that they can buy better Chinese medical translations that are available on the market.

The Insider’s Scoop in Project Management

As a buyer of translation service, you do not want to report that your externally assigned tasks will be late again, prone to exceeding budget or worse yet receiving negative feedback from your colleagues in other departments that the translation quality was terrible.

It ridicules you before your boss.

  • What if you knew that your translation vendor would report on a daily basis to keep you on top of the schedule and every possible issue before they became real problems?
  • What if you knew that your translation vendor would not find every chance to raise budget but instead help you reduce it?
  • What if you knew that there would be someone professional to check the work for more than once before it’s being delivered to you as final?

If you are qualified to our portrait of the customer, then you are guaranteed to have top professionals work for you, never be late, on top of everything and reducing costs in the long run.

Debunking the Myth: “Better, Faster and Cheaper”

This is what everyone is seeking, especially buyers of translation services. There is always a trade-off for the gold triangle of quality. Buyers like you still pay extra for better services. So you will pay even more when you need it fast to meet a crunching deadline. This is not going to happen with AZ-Loc, for we do not charge you extra for rush translations. This helps you cut down the cost and helps us remain competitive on the market for high price/value ratio.

We have completed English to Chinese medical translation for a medical directory, which is a 240-page book with 143,293 words (counted only as 107,298.6 words, thanks to translation memory we created for the client based on reference), within only 16 working days, with the help of 4 professional medical translators, 2 proofreaders, 2 desktop publishing (DTP) specialist, and 1 dedicated project manager.

Here’s what our clients say

“AZ-Loc delivered much faster and better work than our previous translation vendor and according to our own Chinese reviewer: their translation was a lot better. They do everything to help cut down the cost as well. Very professional team!”

Are we a good match?

Our resources (professional medical translators and dedicated project managers) are our main constraints. We are not going to dedicate our time and resources to serve someone random on the street but limited to those of you with a collaborative mind and a sincere belief that a high-quality translation that can help you win and make you grow.

We are not in a master-slave relationship with all our existing customers. We are more like partners and friends, who invest all the time and effort to care about you and provide professional linguistic opinions for you to do exceptionally well in China.

The question is, are you the one that deserves the best of our resources, time, and efforts?

Medical translation requires next level skills for accurate deliverables.

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